Active Sync

Er zijn bedrijven die voor Active Sync een beleid hebben dat je op je telefoon altijd een wachtwoord moet intoetsen.

Dit is misschien niet handig want als je snel even iemand wil bellen moet je eerst je wachtwoord intoetsen.

Nu kun je vragen aan je beheerder om dit voor jou uit te zetten maar wat als hij of zij dat niet doet.

Geen nood als je Iphone een jailbreak heeft kun je de onderstaande stappen doorlopen.

I have successfully disabled the email exchange policy based forced password-lock on my iPhone 3G.

This disables the forced and seemingly irreversible auto password lock feature required to synch an iPhone with certain exchange email servers.

I followed the instructions laid out by smart 2 below (thanks!) - but had to a bit of fiddling along the way so here is a bit more detail.

a. Jailbreak.

- I followed the steps described here (

b. SSH into the phone as [ root ]

- Ensure iPhone and Computer are both connected to your WiFi Network

- Install the "OpenSSH" Application via cydia on my Jailbroken Phone

- I have also installed "BossPrefs" Application and use to enable/disable SSH - this may not be necessary.

- Install WinSCP ( on your PC.

- Open WinSCP & Enter SSH Parameters along the lines of:

- Host Name: IP Address of iPhone (e.g. 192.168.1.XX)

- User Name: Root

- Password: Alpine

- Port: 22

- Ensure iPhone is not hibernating and click Login.

c. delete the following file [ "/var/Managed Preferences/mobile/" ]

- On deleting this file, password settings can immediately be changed/disabled within the "Settings>General" menu - be warned you will need to enter the password before you can disable it.

- Once the password is disabled, no reset appears to be required.

- I have rebooted for good measure, no awkward password is required (as it happens I have now applied the 4 char pin on initial phone access, but certainly no 15 min auto-lock!) and email synch still works.