Cloud Desktop

The cloud desktop tool makes it possible for less technical users to get their first desktop or server in the cloud.

I started with the tool as a play and experimenting thing that could help collage's to easy get a server to test applications, scripts or tools with, when you don't need it anymore just delete it.

You get a public available name and certificate to make your server accessible from many restricted or company networks, no administrator access or vpn is needed. All you need is standard web access.

If you don't like to read manuals here is a short version of the steps

    1. Press the Deploy to Azure -->
deploy MyOwnCloud
    1. and fill in the form
    2. After some time you server will be ready, you will also get a mail when server is ready for use
  1. go to your website using internet explorer or double click the attachment your get in your mailbox it will also work with apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop from itunes or for android you can download it from google play
    1. your login account is rdpsvr1\<your username>
  2. done

When configuration is done you can stop and start your server with every azure app or azure portal, don't shutdown your server in Windows, Azure will still be billing you, this is an Azure thing, more on that can be found here.

An iphone/ipad tool to stop and start your server can be download from here

A client to access your server from android, iphone/ipad and macs can be found here

If you would like to use the solution without azure then just download and run the script from here and run it on a Windows 2012R2/2016 server that you can access over https.

Github repo can be found here